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•The game system is a stand-alone product only requiring power from a standard 120V outlet
•The system uses a grid of 64 solenoids under the board to magnetically flip chips
•An ATmega169V Microcontroller controls the solenoids
•The microcontroller also contains all of the logic and rules needed for game play
•The game and system logic was created using less than 16kB of data, the maximum the microcontroller could store
•The system automatically checks if a move is valid before chips are flipped
•The system complies with Underwriters Laboratories© (UL) standards for electrical safety. The system and its pieces comply             with toy safety standards offered in ASTM F 963-03, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

Conclusion & Future Work

  Ollehto successfully demonstrates the ability of a game system to automatically flip chips during game play.  Complete Reversi games can be played with the system with no errors.  The players can focus simply on their next moves and not flipping chips.

  Future work that could be completed on the system includes various levels of artificial intelligence, or a computer player to play against.  The system could also include the ability for a visual display of the score, and could include a timing system.


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